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Anne-Marie Ront is a Sound Designer/Editor & Re-Recording Mixer who has worked on various feature films, shorts, web series, video games and animations.  While mostly being self-taught and working with industry pros, Anne-Marie has also taken diverse courses at Berklee College of Music, School of Audio Engineering and Point Blank Music College.

She started as a multi-instrumentalist at a young age and began a career in web development prior to finding her home in post production audio.  Anne-Marie has a passion for conveying and supporting emotion for moving pictures using sound and music.  She is known for her dedication, drive and versatility in her work and it shows through her wide range of skills including sound editorial, design, Foley and mixing.

If you’re curious about the alias ‘exitzero’, it stems from programming languages [ie: exit(0); ] and in essence means that a program has ended successfully.  It represents her belief in executing projects from concept to delivery with a lot of heart, technicality, determination and collaboration.

For reel links showcasing a compilation of specific skills or genres, please contact: anne-marie[at]